13 Mar 2024

New Videos and Other News

....aaaand I realised I have not updated this part of the website for so long that digit at the end of the year has increased by 2 since my last post. Whoops. Here's an update containing the backlog of #news and #content, which is amusingly opposite to the way that we are supposed to use social media.


I am on Mastodon now. It's nice. You can find me there at helenbellmusic@sunny.garden. And this has led to me also being included in the lovely community radio station Radio Free Fedi, which is doing wonderful things across a variety of channels and an eclectic mix of genres.

Relatedly, I've also released my music on Faircamp, an alternative to Bandcamp.

New Videos!

Last summer I started experimenting with making videos for some of my songs. These are some of the ones I've made so far:

Hymn of the Orbital

Three-part harmony secular hymn, with organ. Originally released on the EP Late Night Letters. It will also be on my next album.

A Year Ago

A new song with ukulele and recorders