04 Aug 2021

The Moon is Nice

The moon is difficult to video, so to distract the viewer from my inept filming I have written a song about the moon being nice.

The vocal harmonies are to distract the listener from the lyrics.

13 Jul 2021

Silly Video with Synthesizers

This is an experiment, in several different ways.

  1. Will I reinstate my attempts to post things on the internet in a blog-like manner?
  2. Will this YouTube embed work?
  3. Is adding incidental music to this phone video I made in the winter to show people how much water was in the river a good and productive thing to do? (no)
09 Jul 2017

July is Happening

I am wearing odd socks with sandals And no-one can stop me.

plants Regard the rampancy of the not-quite-wildflower patch.

plants Some of those flowers are two year old parsnip plants, which various weird sorts of wasp seem to like. So that's good, because it means someone benefits from my laziness.

a pizza Making this pizza was the antidote to the 48 hours preceding it.

table covered in sprockets But the kitchen table is no longer available for eating from.