22 Aug 2021

New Live Duo Videos

Here are some brand new live-in-the-studio videos from Tin Minnow:

And there are a few more on the Tin Minnow YouTube channel.

The five-string electric violin in this videos is the Violorama Sycorax.

05 Aug 2021

Hugging the Computer

drawing of someone hugging a computer because they don't know what to write in reply to a nice email

I drew this in 2013. I was not expecting that several years later it would become the standard way of hugging, at the time. But also, since then I think I've got better at writing emails.

04 Aug 2021

The Moon is Nice

The moon is difficult to video, so to distract the viewer from my inept filming I have written a song about the moon being nice.

The vocal harmonies are to distract the listener from the lyrics.

13 Jul 2021

Silly Video with Synthesizers

This is an experiment, in several different ways.

  1. Will I reinstate my attempts to post things on the internet in a blog-like manner?
  2. Will this YouTube embed work?
  3. Is adding incidental music to this phone video I made in the winter to show people how much water was in the river a good and productive thing to do? (no)
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